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What happened while I wasn't writing?:

Mr. Jefferson (Sherman Hemsley) passed away. Wow, I used to watch that show.  George Jefferson was hilarious. R.I.P Mr. Hemsley.

A .  At some point, I would like to get to the bottom of that horrific incident. James Holmes was described as a meek and polite loner.

Isn't it intertesting that Rupert Murdoch resigned from the boards of several of his UK media organizations a day before charges came down on eight staff of his Bristish empire, News of the World? One of those charged was described as a one-time confidante of the media mogul.

As an aside, don't you think the media (present company being one of the few exceptions) is way out of control? Hacking phones is probably just what we have been able to find out. Even mainline media, like the once proud CNN, pursues sensationlistic "news" like a jackal on the hunt. Investigative journalism is no more than finding the latest dirt on someone famous.

Then there is the over the Internet about how to eat babies. And all the time, the Pinellas County madman meekly goes to church, obligingly transports youths to outings and entertains children of his nightmares with his puppets. Creepy and chilling!

What do these madmen have in common? Beneath every sanctimonious hypocrite lies an evil heart.

Has our morality dwindled this far or is this just the media selectively titilating us with incidents from the underbelly of society? Maybe a bit of both.

Sheesh! Maybe we should stop reading and listening to the news for a while. It's really depressing. This perhaps will be a step in the direction of regaining a moral foothold.

OK - I'll write about happier thoughts in my next blog.

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Michael D. July 26, 2012 at 05:40 PM
If you look at the per capita percentage, the rate of horrific crimes in the US hasn't gone up hardly at all. The rate at which these crimes are being reported, re-reported, and sensationalized has increased 10 fold. How many 24 hour "news" channels are their trying to put their spin on the same story to fill that time? When the two biggest political spending "news" sources admit to only giving about 1.5-2 hours in a 24 hour span of real reporting of the news. Then we have issues. But then you have to look at the society that has become so polarized that those channels and opinions sell. The "news" channels sell opinions to a select market they know are going to purchase those opinions. People are infatuated with these stories and whatever political conspiracy the "news" stations come up with because of part escapism and part wanting a feel of I'm better than you. Media only sells what can be sold, and we as a society have told them we are buyers.
Pat Harney July 26, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Thanks for the revealing statistics and data. I agree that our society has grown more spectator, less inclined to think for themselves and outside the box. There certainly are a lot of "corn and games" to keep us "happy" and entertained while we lose our grip on what should truly matter. Don't ask for anything - just get up and get it done. Entertain yourself. Make your own money. Teach your children. Do your own investigations. Feel your own emotions. Live!


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