Big Air and Friendly Fun at Winter Throw Down Finals Skateboard Contest at Ross Norton Skatepark

Skaters of all ages and skill levels filled the complex for the contest finals Saturday.

This is not the first time Markus Jalaber skated competitively.

Although he does remember that feeling.

“The first one is the funnest,” Jalaber said.

Jalaber and about 40 other skaters came out for the Winter Throw Down Finals at the Ross Norton skatepark Saturday.

There are contests throughout the year at the complex, said Jay Turner, who has run the skatepark at Ross Norton for the last five years. He sees a change in the sport in his time at the park.

“Every city has a skate park now," Turner said. "I see a lot more parents getting involved."

Jalaber, 15 started skating about five years ago. He moved down here from Tallahassee and that’s what kids were doing here he said. 

That is how Jeremy Barnes got into skateboarding. Barnes, 14, lives in the neighborhood near the Ross Norton park. Everyone else was skating so he did too.

Neither Barnes nor Jalaber would would not tip their hat about tricks they might attempt.

“With (Markus Jalaber) he’ll do something nobody has ever seen before,” Barnes said.


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