Clearwater Student's Invention Takes Top Prize at USF

Ariane Custic of Clearwater High won the top prize for high school inventors at the USF Young Innovator awards. John Maciel of Oak Grove Middle and Aashi Patel of St. Paul's School also were honored.

A wall receptacle that reflects the 21st-century lifestyle won a Clearwater high school inventor $1,000 at the USF Young Innovators competition.

Ariane Custic, a ninth-grade student at , developed an integrated wall outlet and USB port that won her $1,000 at the invention competition.

Three winners (elementary, middle and high school) were selected from 14 finalists. There was a record-setting field of 536 entries from eight counties.

Inventions were judged on originality, functionality and market potential by a panel of expert and celebrity judges.

Custic said the device would make charging smartphones easier. It also would reduce the use of toxic materials used to manufacture computer components.

Winners of each of the three categories also are granted honorary membership in USF’s Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors and are honored during ResearchOne, the university’s annual celebration of research achievement.

Other Clearwater students were also honored:

John Maciel, an eigth-grade student at , won the Accuform Signs award for safety innovation for his concept for water-reactive clothing. The fabric changes color when it gets wet. The bright colors would help make a victim more visibile during a water rescue.

Aashi Patel, a third-grade student at St. Paul’s School, came up with the idea for the Eco Shower timing system. The device uses ultrasonic technology to measure the gallons of water used.

Serge Rodriguez February 16, 2012 at 11:54 PM
I love and respect creative people, especially if they're part of a young generation like these kids! Well done for them!!


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