Healthy Journey

Following the road from frustrated poor health, to happy healthy. Can it happen?

Here I am again attempting to blog. I started trying a while back, when I was a massage therapist, and I am still a massage therapist. I let go of the blogging with a feeling that I just didn't have enough to say. I found I was wrong in the time I have been gone. I have been on a journey.

As an LMT, I would work with many people, the one thing many of my clients had in common was the struggle with health and time and weight loss and energy and I used to be able to be healthy and now I can't! What happened? I used to be healthy, at a good weight, I enjoyed exercise. What happened? I know what to do, yet how do I find time, money and the inclination to do this. I do not see myself as a perfect health food store, organic, sunshine perfectly toned size tiny person. I do not want to give up Ben and Jerry, we have had a valued relationship for years! They need me as much as I need them! OK, this is not only my clients, the was me! I remember walking along the causeway thinking there must be a bridge, a way, between us, the normal everyday people and the sunshine perfect yoga healthy happy people.  

So I asked a sunshine person, I love and revere her, she is gluten-free and cooks and yogas and just floats a few feet off the grown. I think all of Dunedin loves her as she gives of this aura of healthy perfection. So I told her, "Could never be you, you are perfect!"  Her response "did not start this way!"  Some how that struck me as completely amazing! What! You perfect sunshine people do not start born under an organic cabbage leaf and live on fresh air and sunshine and never wish for Ben and Jerry's S'mores or Smokehouse ribs!?!

I decided to do the unthinkable for those on my side of the tracks, I went looking for the answer, a balance, a start.  I looked for different forms of schooling and support. Luckily, I found Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I took the leap. I am 49, I decided when I hit 50 I will be in best shape that I am happy with. There will be a bridge between fast food and restaurant eating and healthy and happy.  

So here I am, has it been easy?

Well, not so bad. Fun work would be my best description, and now just fun adventure.

Do I still have Ben and Jerry over for a visit? Yes, a little and rarely and only for a brief visit.

I do not wake up in the morning to find empty containers in my kitchen  and a since of frustration. I have kept off the weight and wake up in the morning with energy.  

Am I organic sunshine? Not yet, I can be if I choose to be.

It comes down to this, we all know that diets do not work and we all have a sense of what makes us happy. And that is the main thing. Find your balance, be patient and eat well and put your puzzle pieces together for your own personal picture for your health.  

I will post more detailed info and thoughts in relation to health and nutrition. I am not a nutritionist, I am not a counselor, I am a coach and someone that has followed the path from frustration to solutions!

Where are you are at in your journey what has worked for you!

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