What Clearwater's Saying: Town Lake Project Coming to Downtown?

Here is what some Clearwater Patch readers had to say about the possible 300-unit, mixed-use Town Lake project near Prospect Lake Park that could be built as soon as June 2014.

City leaders are pushing to begin digging for the Town Lake project, planned for downtown Clearwater, by June 2014.

Officials recently sent the project out for developers to bid on and expect to select a project by June. The developer is expected to be able to build it within 12 months, according to the proposal documents.

Here is what some Clearwater Patch readers had to say about the possible project:

Jimmy p: "Thats right, keep overdeveloping any piece of land you can find and soon clearwater will be looking like the New Jersey turnpike. For an area so dense, its amazing zoning like this is happening. This town is losing its natural look by the minute. It is so overpopulated, in the middle of the day you can go on route 60 and from one end to the other, it takes almost an hour now with traffic.

There are so many empty buildings and businesses sitting vacant these days, the city should not permit a single thing till these places are renovated and filled."

Brian H: "Natural look? Have you been in downtown at all? There are almost no APARTMENTS in the core for people to move downtown, not to mention the area of Prospect Lake serves no one sitting in between old empty buildings and brown fields. The condos that are there are great for those who wish to purchase but many would rather rent in urban areas."

Heather Greve commented on the Clearwater Patch Facebook page: "Wonder if it will sit unfinished like "The Grand" on Cleveland & MLK"

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Chris February 19, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Hard to believe anyone would want to build within view of that embarrassment sitting at MLK and Cleveland.


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