What Clearwater's Saying: Library Gate Enhancement

The city's plan to enhance the entrance to the Main Library got Clearwater Patch readers talking. What's your take?

The city's plan to spend more than $127,000 on got Clearwater Patch readers talking last week.

City leaders last Thursday unanimously approved the plan to add a green, seven-foot tall, wrought-iron style fence and gate around the entrance of the library. The enhancements are intended to , as well as to keep the homeless from sleeping in front of the building when it is closed.

Officials also removed the somewhat controversial words "Clearwater Public Library" from the project, reducing the cost by about $11,000.

Here's a look at a few of the comments from Patch readers. What's your take on the gate? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

: "this distresses me. Very much distresses me. I don't want to go to a library that looks like a prison from the outside. All of this to keep the homeless from seeking shelter in a rain storm? Or having some place to sit at night? I just do not understand. Why not prison guards at the front entrance while we're at it. If the city has this money in reserve? Why not use it FOR the homeless? Instead of a fence that will be an eye sore to patrons like myself. I'm so glad I have a tablet. Because I just lot the joy it used to give going to the library. I'll just download e-books instead."

: "the word 'library' on a public, tax payer funded, community building does not and should not fall into the category of advertising .... in fact, i think we should have a vegas, flashing, led sun splah sign, welcoming the community to take advantage of one of the best places to be on earth .... more libraies, go away starbucks, that's what i say!"

"I wonder if all signs should be removed. We could really get crazy and remove street signs which are 'advertising' the name of the street and possibly a subdivision.

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Carole August 14, 2012 at 12:43 PM
enhancement my foot, now the homeless sleeping in an area that is away from population they will find other places. Homeless is homeless and in these unfortunate times there will always be some. So your enhancement (which is a joke) fence money would have been put to a humanitarium use by buying food for the homeless shelters. What a horrible decision


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