Voting, A Family Affair

Parents brought their children with them to the polls Tuesday in Clearwater.

Voting is a family affair for the Alonsos.

Theresa Alonso, 28, went to the polls at precinct 521 the Salvation Army, 1625 N. Belcher Rd., with her husband and 20-month old son Tuesday afternoon. 

“He lives here too,” Alonso said.

She said voting is very important and that she makes sure to get to the polls each election season. She did not have a long wait and the family was in and out of the precinct in about 20 minutes.

She was not the only parent who brought their children to the polls Tuesday.

Mandy Adams is a school teacher at Curtis Fundamental Elementary, where she spent the day talking to her class about the importance of voting. 

Her daughter Ava, a student at the school, was with her mother to see the words put into action Tuesday afternoon. Adams said Ava hears the phone calls and sees the political ads

“I try to vote every election,” Adams said. “And this is a big one.”

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