Shades of Blue Have Council Questioning Overpass Art

The plan is OK'd, but city leaders would like to find out if the state-approved color blue could be changed because it is "too light."

Officials approved a plan to bring at US 19 and Gulf to Bay Boulevard.

The beach scene featuring the image of "undulating waves retreating back from a shell-covered shoreline" will be emblazoned alongside portions of the overpass.

Although some council members questioned the shade of the color blue planned for the overpass, the plan passed unanimously Thursday.

“I think (the color is) a little light,” council member Bill Jonson said.

And while the Florida Department of Transportation already has approved the color council members are questioning, they still would like to find out if it could be changed.

They just might have to pay for it.

The color that is already approved is also already paid for.

“I guess we can ask,” said Mayor Frank Hibbard. “Ultimately if you want another color we can get a supply of it. It’s just an additonal expense for us.”

The tiles that make up the artwork would be stained a cream color instead of the standard grey.

The art molds of the tiles would be saved and stored by FDOT, and could be used for future road projects within Clearwater only.

A string of LED rope lighting would provide a blue phosphorescence beneath the underpass which would also be painted the controversial blue.

Paul Gibson is still reeling from the lime green color used for the Memorial Causeway bridge.

“Color blindness seems to affect a lot of people," Gibson said.


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