Scott, Obama Administrations Square Off in Voter Roll Battle

Florida’s effort to remove noncitizen voters from its rolls is under federal scrutiny. What do you think?


Gov. Rick Scott’s plan to purge voter registration rolls of noncitizen voters may lead to a legal showdown in advance of the November presidential election.

Scott’s administration has undertaken an effort to verify the legitimacy of thousands of names currently on Florida’s voter registration rolls. The state says its search has turned up more than 180,000 registered voters who may not be citizens of the United States, according to The Tampa Tribune.

An earlier list of about 2,600 potential noncitizens was sent to Florida counties for verification earlier this year. Many of the names ended up belonging to legal citizens, the Tribune reports.

Even so, Scott’s administration wants to move forward with its efforts to locate and remove noncitizen voters from the rolls in advance of the November election. That move, Obama administration officials say, violates federal antidiscrimination and voting laws. The U.S. Department of Justice notified the state in a letter that its actions may violate federal laws.

What do you think about the voter purge? Should the state continue seeking to remove noncitizen voters from its rolls? Let us know in the comments section.

Scott’s administration fired back at the Justice Department with a letter accusing that agency of not understanding federal laws. The state also says the Department of Homeland Security is breaking the law by not allowing it access to the federal citizenship database.

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Florida officials are positioning themselves for what may become a legal battle over the issue.

Ken Detzner, Florida’s Secretary of State, says following the Obama administration’s demand would assist illegal voters in casting ballots.

"If the effect of the NVRA (National Voter Registration Act) is to force a state to allow never-eligible non-citizens the opportunity to vote," he wrote in a response to the Department of Justice, according to The Times, "then the statute might violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, which guarantees that the right to vote cannot be denied by a dilution of the weight of a citizen's vote."

Do you agree?

Tonto July 03, 2012 at 01:02 AM
monique thomas July 03, 2012 at 01:16 AM
Gov. Scott asked for the info from Dept of Homeland Security nearly a year ago to clean the rolls. The info was not released because of foot dragging at the federal level with time running short is no reason to excoriate the governor. What are the motivations of the Attorney General Holder for the stalling tactics? In 2008 AG Holder refused to investigate charges of alleged voter fraud in CT. Irregularities in the absentee ballot process involving ACORN were of no concern to him then. Why should things be any different in 2012?
Rol July 03, 2012 at 04:12 AM
Dad of three, the first point (a) The objective (I suppose) is to make a decision on your best knowledge of ideology and what you want to achieve from either party.The fraudulent votes would disrupt the outcome of your perceived decision. Hence the debacle that took place in Fl. Stats can be found: http://www.fraudfactor.com/fffl2kdisqualified.html Second: It would certainly help the whole situation if the Federal Government would be honest enough to supply information when asked, instead of stonewalling. Lately we have seen and heard enough about stonewalling coming out of the White House haven't we! As far as contempt for the constitution, you really haven't too far to look in the administration we have in Washington. Ladies keep your knees together and gentlemen, keep your back against the wall. Look at the history of the incumbents, the ideology of all and mostly vett, vett, vett. This is why we're in the mess we're in.
Dad of Three July 03, 2012 at 05:10 AM
Thus saith Rol: "Ladies keep your knees together and gentlemen, keep your back against the wall." Are you kidding me? What kind of upbringing did you have? Do you really want this to revert to a schoolyard fight among sixth-graders? Grow up, sir.
Rol July 03, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Dad od Three!= You sir are an A$$ Hul..... You have no conception of what was meant by the statements. I'll refresh your stupid sht filled head. Your going to get screwed by this administration, as much as you're a repuican I suppose you don't know that both parties do dirty tricks, whether at the polls or counting votes. I can tell yocan't respond properly so I took it upon myself to return that same response. Don't bother with apologies, I already know who and what you are!


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