Police, Local Officials Taking Aim at Late Night Trouble Makers

Officials outline steps being taken to keep Main Street safe.

Legis. Rob Calarco recently met with the commanding officer of the 5th Precinct and Patchogue Village officials to discuss how to combat problems "that have arisen with the increase of bars, restaurants, and music venues throughout the downtown," according to a press release from Calarco's office. 

At recent Village Board meetings, business owners have expressed concerns about drunks causing destruction late at night on Main Street, especially on the weekends. 

The 5th Precinct has increased the police presence in the Village with a newly created Whiskey Unit, a special team of three officers who are working 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. shifts on Thursdays through Saturdays, to address late-night issues directly, said Calarco, a Democrat who lives in Patchogue. 

Police have taken aim at curbing disorderly conduct, such as drinking in public and urination and fighting, with those who have been cited with the former receiving automatic summonses, while those caught fighting or involved in any other disorderly conduct are arrested and will spend a night in jail, the press release from Calarco's office says. 

Some residents and business owners have pegged the blame for the late night problems on The Emporium, the Railroad Avenue hotspot that has drawn large crowds since it opened in September, but Calarco disputed that notion. 

“I think it’s important to note that no single establishment is responsible for these late-night problems," he said. "Most of the people enjoying the night life in Patchogue are doing the right thing. But we still have to deal with the five percent who are causing trouble. I commend our police and the Village for working together proactively to make sure that all the fun transpires safely and within the law." 

Police have said the problems in the Village tend to begin at 11 p.m. as people begin leaving bars and then flare back up again at 4 a.m. after last-call when there is a dearth of taxi cabs available to get them off the streets and ferry them home safely.

According to Calarco, the 5th Precinct has heightened its visibility by parking its prisoner van, with chains visible, in the middle of the Village and having patrol cars parked along Main Street. Patchogue Village public safety officers are also partnering with the 5th Precinct officers on patrol to help keep things under control.  

The Village is also bringing in Patchogue-based beer distributor Clare Rose to sponsor an upcoming training program, TIPS, at the Patchogue Theatre. The TIPS program exists to train servers and sellers how to recognize and intervene when they see alcohol-related problems as well as state and local regulations regarding serving people who are intoxicated.

Patchogue Village Mayor Paul Pontieri said that his hope was that through education and close management, new bars in the area "will curtail the negative effects some of their patrons are having on Main Street."

“With progress comes growing pains," Pontieri said in a statement. "The Village carefully considers each new business application in Patchogue and measures the consequences to our neighborhoods and business community.

"The Village always works hard to minimize an establishment’s impacts on its neighbors and will continue to closely monitor and contain the late night activities on Main Street.”

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Richard Kemp December 19, 2012 at 03:00 AM
Mr.Kennedy : I have read your response. First let me state that this blog is not about creating a "Master Plan" which you seem to be obsessed with,but how to resolve a serious problem that exists at present.Let me state again that the 3 basic catogories of Zoning are 1.Residential 2.Business 3.Industrial each catagorie has it's own differrence from the other,but every effort should be made in order that no one infrigences upon the other,in other words Residential has the right of "Quiet Enjoyment " of their property. You did make referrence to the Band Shell being close to a residential neighborhood,but they have obviously accepted it,including a summer festival for several days going on.You also made referrence to the Patchogue Theatre which I have previously stated should be running 7 days a week to a packed house because that Theatre has a bond floating in the millions of dollars.Untill that Bond is fully paid off no one can say that they are operating at a profit.I am a taxpayer. You also made referrence to noise,and the Theatre is self contained and bothers no one. As far as any type of exterior noise via special permit for a Joke fee of $150 or thereabouts this has been created and permitted @70 Decibels ,(NOTE Brookhaven Town Law is 55 Decibels after dark.) How long has this Law been on the Books???
David Kennedy December 20, 2012 at 11:32 AM
As I have previously stated, I do believe master planning could avoid these types of issues in the future and was one of my suggestions in solving this problem and why I write about it here. Not obsessed, just an idea who's time I believe has come. Not sure how long the 70 decibel law on books, but I do advocate for a special entertainment license, which is something that currently doesn't exist. Again, besides saying what "can't" happen, what are your sugestions about what can happen to solve this? Any positive thoughts?
Patchogue Snoop December 27, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Major Tom Wrote: Show me one village that doesn't have a ton of places that serve alcohol? Port jeff , Huntington, and Babylon all have a Ton of bars and restaraunts that serve alcohol Response: And why didn't our Village officials learn from their mistakes and the resultant issues? Answer: These establishments are owned by a few long term "Friends of Pauli". Check out the free sewer hookups in the NYS audit. Night clubs and bars do absolutely nothing to help the merchants. These kids dont shop at night, they are drunk and BTW the stores are closed. Progress???? Think of it this way, there are probably over a thousand drunks on the road each weekend night in our Village. All so a few greedy owners can profit? Let's not mention the few who destroy peace and quite with the blaring music on the river. Is that progress too? These partiers go home to there residences out of the village.....all at our expense.
Richard Kemp January 01, 2013 at 02:19 AM
David: How about starting off with a moritorium (sp)on the creation of any new watering hole until our VOP OFFICIALS figure it out. They allowed all of this to be created and for sure not one of these establishments are going to volunteer to close their door unless all are closed.Sorry that I do not agree with your suggestion to come up with a Master Plan at this point in time,because it is over a decade too late...Were you a Trustee when the BHB was permitted???
Richard Kemp January 05, 2013 at 02:16 AM
Hey Patch: How about posting a pic of the paddy wagon displaying chains??? We all know what a polished up patrol car looks like. You also might want to post a few pics of "Night Life" in Patchogue Village Take your time while you approve anything I Post.


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