New Athletic Fields Complex for North Greenwood Moves Forward

With funding for the multi-use field project in place, the Clearwater City Council gave unanimous approval to move the issue to a city council meeting for public discussion and a final vote

A proposed multi-use athletic field project to be built in the North Greenwood neighborhood is one step closer to reality after the Clearwater City Council, during Monday’s workshop session, moved the issue forward to an agenda item at Thursday's city council meeting.

The fields, which would be L-shaped, have been discussed by the city for months but funding for the project is now available, but for a limited time.

The fields would be built in the current grassy parking lot adjacent to Jack Russell Stadium on the west side of the complex.

One reason the project has moved forward is that a large portion of the funding for the fields is available for only a limited time. The project must be completed in two months to meet the funding deadline.

"We've secured $300,000 in funds but much of that must be spent by June 1," Clearwater director of parks and recreation Kevin Dunbar told the council.

The largest portion of the funding is from a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) which has a June 1 deadline for the project to be completed. Other monies to fund the project include a $25,000 donation from Clearwater for Youth (CFY).

Dunbar also stated that he is optimistic a grant the city has applied for with the National Football League (NFL) of $150,000 will be awarded for the project.

Funds from the grants would cover the costs for grading, irrigation, lighting, fencing and the fields' grass.

Dunbar noted that upkeep of the field should not present any additional costs for the city.

"We currently maintain the area," Dunbar said of the maintenance. "Any new operation dollars," such as costs for electricity, water and other elements would be covered by user fees, Dunbar added.

The council gave unanimous approval to move the project forward to an agenda item on Thursday's city council meeting.

The new athletic fields project is just one of a series of upgrades the city is making in the North Greenwood area, including and .


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