Mosquito Invasion Follows Tropical Storm

Standing water from the drenching rains of Tropical Storm Debby is creating a perfect breeding group for mosquitoes.

As if Tropical Storm Debby was not enough of a downer.

Now Pinellas County residents have to deal with a mosquito invasion.

Flooding created by Debby may create the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes, according to Pinellas County officials. Standing water from Tropical Storm Debby is increasing problems countywide. 

Mosquito Control officials say that mosquitos are in the juvenile stages after Sunday’s rains. 

Officials have been doing treatments by ground and are planning an aerial "larviciding" campaign for north county areas on Thursday and south county areas on Friday. 

Crews will be monitoring wind patterns for the next several days and will be fogging select areas of the county toward the weekend. 

Vegetation crews will be assisting Mosquito Control staff Thursday and Friday in inspecting and treating areas accessible by ground as well as responding to service requests. 

Residents should survey their yards and alleyways and empty containers that can hold water, as domestic mosquitoes can thrive in as little as a teaspoon of water anytime during the mosquito season.

Red June 30, 2012 at 11:15 PM
How do I treat my bromilledes? (Can't find the correct spelling)


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