Whole Foods Location: More Details Revealed

More details have surfaced regarding a Whole Foods Market moving to Westfield Countryside Mall in Clearwater.

No, the location is not yet set, but planners are starting to dig in to the idea of bringing a Whole Foods Market to Westfield Countryside Mall in Clearwater.

John Swirf, an architect with Direct Design Carroll Associates of Chicago, presented plans to slice 37,000 square feet out of the first floor of Sears’ space at the mall and develop the location for the natural grocery chain at a city Business Plan Review Committee meeting Thursday.

The architecture firm does not represent Whole Foods but has completed similar projects for Sears throughout the country and could submit official plans before Dec. 25, according to city officials. The first plan review would be 21 business days after it is submitted.

“The firm has done several Sears subdivides around the country – some of which, but not all, are for Whole Foods,” according to an email from Denise Sanderson, assistant director of the city’s Economic Development and Housing Department.

Here is how the store split would work:

Sears would keep the south entrance near BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse and the service and merchandise pick-up entrances on the north part of the building, according to the plans. New facades would be installed at the Sears entrances. The four loading bay docks would be split.

Whole Foods customers would have access to the store from the west entrance of Sears. There would not be an entry to the grocery store from inside the mall, according to the plans.

Inside, the escalators would be moved, and a wall would be built. 

Whole Foods officials said they do not have a specific location in mind yet but are planning to open a store in Clearwater sometime in 2014.

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DeElizabethan November 17, 2012 at 03:25 PM
They know what they're doing for some store, not sure that's best for Whole Foods, only OK.
Travis Norton November 18, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Westfield won't go for that plan unless the developers pay for a new escalator location near the Sears lower entrance that lead up to the Cobb Theater. Without the west side escalators, there's no way to get to Cobb on the lower west side without going through Sears or through the middle escalators. The plan is dead on arrival for this developer who made a shortcut in his plans, without concern about how it would impact existing retailers and consumers not going to Sears and Whole Foods. This isn't even mentioning the fact of the lack of parking on the southwest side. Great concept, but it's not going to work. It's far more cost effective to do a build out at the Sunset & US 19 N location where there is adequate parking, 6 chain stores, and a built in customer base from the Publix that is currently located on the property.
maria dotolo November 19, 2012 at 01:22 AM
It's just a plain dumb idea for a grocery location. I myself couldn't be bothered dealing with the mall parking lot.
betsy November 20, 2012 at 03:42 PM
I want Trader Joe's. Not crazy abt Whole Foods. I like the Sunset and 19 idea much better though too. Parking very easy. Big corner too.
twthampabay@gmail.com November 20, 2012 at 03:43 PM
I want Trader Joe's. Not crazy abt Whole Foods. I like the Sunset and 19 idea much better though too. Parking very easy. Big corner too.


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