Mandalay Pier Could Meet Wrecking Ball

The iconic sunset spot between Frenchy’s Rockaway and the Palm Pavilion will be destroyed if city leaders approve a $90,000 plan to demolish it.

What once was a fisherman dream has become an iconic sunset spot that soon will meet the wrecking ball.

City leaders are set to vote on a measure to spend $90,000 to destroy Mandalay Pier, the structure between and , next week.

“ serves as the main attraction on Clearwater Beach rather than this small portion of concrete pier left over from earlier history in Clearwater,” said Art Kader, assistant director of the Parks and Recreation department. “It serves little or no real purpose since it is so far from the water and beach goers.”

About 50 years ago the pier was built and over time the concrete has worn down and sand has covered up other areas of it. At one time it extended over the water, the line which has moved through years of nourishment and erosion.

About 20 years ago a portion of the pier was removed for safety because part of it was degrading faster than the rest the structure.

That remaining portion was left for beach goers and while it is not in the water the concrete is spalding and the rebar is rusty to a point that it must be destroyed, Kader said.

“People crawl under the remaining section to get out of sun and/or sleep and a piece of concrete could come loose at any time and injure them,” Kader said in an email.

To repair the old concrete structure, the weak pieces would have to be removed, as would the rust from the rebar. Then new concrete forms would have to be poured and sealed around the weak spots.

“It would be too costly to repair if repairs are even possible,” Kader said. “If repairs were possible without completely constructing a new pier, the existing supports and all weak concrete would need to be repaired.”

rick barasso April 13, 2012 at 12:32 PM
90K! How about someone contacts Hollywood first. It would appear, they are always in search of blowing something up. They might pay to remove the structure. Another idea: It sits in a very deep "sandbox". Dig a big hole under it, implode it, and cover it over. To dig the hole, we could use the equipment sitting idle at nearly every road construction project throughout the area, or hand out shovels to the group of six to eight guys on those sights that are watching the two workers with the shovels dig. One more idea: I read recently, there is a shortage of summer jobs for students this year. They work cheap and there are 3 things teenagers seem to like, money, the beach, and breaking stuff. Do you see where I'm going here? Hammers, hardhats with headphones, and here we go. The city rents a lunch truck for the summer, parks it next to the work sight, sells soda, burgers and sunscreen, and they get most of their money back. Come on Clearwater, let's think this out a little bit before we spend $90,000!
CactusTackler April 17, 2012 at 02:30 PM
$90,000? Seriously? Another completely stupid and wasteful decision by the city of Clearwater. Unreal.


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