Fake Grass Rules Won’t Sprout in Clearwater

Despite spending hours drafting an ordinance that would allow synthetic turf in Clearwater, leaders decided not to continue with creating the changes to the city code.

It seems for now Carol Korotkow will be the only Clearwater resident allowed to use fake grass.

The city council voted to close out Korotkow’s case and put on hold plans to change city code to allow other residential uses of synthetic grass.

“They’re making a mountain out of a mole hill,” Korotkow said after the decision was made Thursday (Dec. 2) night.

The fake turf is allowed in commercial and recreational use. The city has a playground covered in the stuff at the . Also, recently installed a football field's worth of the stuff, the only synthetic athletic field in the county.

City staff worked on an ordinance that regulates the material, color and thickness of the synthetic grass. Concerns were raised about the smell of the rubber infill on hot days and pet's paws burning on the artificial surface.

Although the ordinance is not moving forward, more than 90 percent of readers polled in Clearwater Patch think that artificial turf should be allowed in the city. And the , which represents neighborhood groups throughout the city, drafted a letter of support of an ordinance allowing fake grass.

“I know that this is a struggle for a number of people but our group feels you should give it some consideration,” said Shelley Kuroghlian, president of the coalition.

Council member Paul Gibson was still pushing other leaders to move forward with creating an ordinance to allow the fake grass.

“We are hearing from everyone else but us to approve it,” he said.

The council still can bring the ordinance back another time. Two opponents of the draft ordinance, council member John Doran and mayor Frank Hibbard, terms expire in February.

“I’m happy I won the battle,” Korotkow said. “But I would have liked to win the war.”

JIm Borst December 03, 2011 at 12:31 PM
You silly Commoners, synthetic grass is for government and big money only, now go away and don't bother them with this issue any longer....... Yet another way to kill jobs courtesy of the ruling elite.


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