Early Voting Across Pinellas County Tops Expectations

The Supervisor of Elections reports that voting is steady across Pinellas County. Mail-in ballots seem to be the driving force for the number of ballots cast.

LARGO – Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark told reporters Tuesday morning that voter turnout across Pinellas County was 26 percent by 10 a.m., but that the number includes mail-in ballots.

"Voters love the convenience of the mail-in ballots," she said at a morning news conference in Largo. Clark indicated that mail-in ballots are driving the numbers.

Historically, Clark said, voter turnout in presidential primaries in Pinellas County averages 25 percent. Although the rate is on track for the county, it is still early for voting. Polls close at 7 p.m.

At 10 a.m., she described the vote as a "steady stream." She said that she's "always excited" when voter turnout exceeds what is expected "based on historical information."


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