Critics and Supporters Come Out for Clearwater Greenprint Open House

About 50 people for and against the plan for green building and living practices came out to share their thoughts.

Jai Hambly came out to give her opinion.

She grew up on a 10-acre farm in Michigan where there was always plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to eat.

“I grew up that way and want to help people do that,” said Hambly, a master gardener.

And maybe with more community gardening options she could.

Hambly and about 50 other critics and supporters came to give their opinion on Clearwater’s “Greenprint” open house at Ross Norton Recreation Center Tuesday.

The Greenprint is a plan for sustainable building and living practices, some parts of it could shape city codes and future development.  

And that is part of the reason Joe Paige came out.

He is a contractor and frequents city council meetings. Paige and other members of Patriots Ink set up a table outside the open house to oppose the plan.

Critics held signs that read, “No on the greenprint comp plan,” and, “Green is the new red” except the ‘e’ was in the shape of a Soviet sickle and hammer.

This is the second open house, but only the first time Paige has been out to oppose the Greenprint.

“I wanted them to develop the plan before I criticized it,” Paige said. 

He said the information the city is using is based on a “trumped up survey” taken by city employees.

“They want to take your car away from you,” Paige said thumbing through printed pages of Greenprint paperwork. “We have enough task forces,” Paige said. “We need results.”

City council member John Doran was at the event and thought there was a good turnout - even those who were opposed to it.

“I admire their energy and I certainly believe they’re sincere,” Doran said.

Council member Bill Jonson also was pleased with the attendance.

“I’d rather have them in at the beginning than come in at the end,” Jonson said. “That’s the way it’s supposed to work.”


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