Clearwater ‘SuperHero’ Turns Heads at RNC

He’s on a mission to raise money for charity.

The strong presence of law enforcement throughout downtown Tampa for the Republican National Convention is drawing a lot of attention. However, Dale Pople from Clearwater seems to be getting a lot of attention himself.

Maybe it has something to do with his booming, deep voice as he returns waves and shouts "Hello" to passersby. Or maybe it's his bright red superhero costume.

Pople is also known as SuperHero, the chairman of the board for Team Justice, a group who dress similar to comic book super heroes in an attempt to raise money. Recently, the group's website, teamjusticecharity.com, raised $1,000 to help send a young boy to the Mayo Clinic.

As for the attention he's getting, he says that even the law enforcement officers seem happy to see him.

"Although I told them if they see someone else dressed like me, they better detain them."

SuperHero was headed to watch a protest march. He was quick to point out that he is just a spectator.

"Super heroes shouldn't be political, I don't think," he said. "They should help everybody."

He then turned to pose for photos with a few people gathering on the street corner and made his way to the parade route.

To learn more about Team Justice, visit teamjusticecharity.com.


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