Voters Experience Zero Wait at Countryside Library

Residents headed to the polls were experiencing no wait around 9 this morning.

With Election Day in full swing, Clearwater voters wasted no time in having their votes counted at the Countryside Library on Tuesday morning.

According to Precinct Deputy Mel Schwartz, 82, there was a hefty wait when the polls opened at 7 a.m., but by 8:30 the line lessened.

"There was a nice, long line earlier," said Schwartz. "The first voter was here at 6 a.m."

He added that within the first active half hour at the polls, 25 people had voted.

Schwartz said that working at the polls has given him great joy over the years and that he sees it as his way of giving back.

"I'm doing a civil duty," said Schwartz. 

Although the rain was heavy in the early morning hours, it lightened up later on. But Pamela Peters, 65, didn't think that the weather affected the turnout.

"I think early voting impacted the showing at the polls more than the weather," Peters said.

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