City Takes Next Step in Getting Red Light Cameras

The city will move forward with the next step to getting red light cameras - asking companies who run the cameras for bids.

The city will ask private companies for costs and contracts to run red light cameras at two intersections in the city.

Council members voted 3-2 to go ahead and ask vendors to submit estimates to install and run red light cameras at its meeting Thursday night.

Council members Paul Gibson and George Cretekos voted against the item.

“This is just the wrong time to do it,” Gibson said.

Red light cameras are a contentious issue in the city and throughout the state. Many municipalities are in the midst of litigation because of the tickets from red light cameras. State legislators also are reconsidering the laws that allow the cameras.

But before the city gets red light cameras, it needs a company to install and run them. The request for proposals indicates that the contract must be "cost-neutral" to the city and come with a 90-day termination clause.

And it could take months before the bid process is complete.

“My goal tonight is to keep this moving along,” John Doran said. “Issuing an rfp isn’t signing a contract… it just keeps it moving along.”


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