You Can’t Do That At The Beach

Skimboarding, throwing a football and alcohol are not allowed on the beach, although enforcement of some of the rules is more relaxed than others.

It is the part of the beach with metal garbage cans.

The majority of visitors come to Clearwater Beach to enjoy the sands from the 500 block of S Gulfview Boulevard north to Rockaway and Sand Key Park Beach.

This is considered the public bathing beach and is under the watchful eye of lifeguards and law enforcement.

“Pets are not allowed in this area and open alcohol is prohibited,” said Elizabeth Watts, police spokeswoman.

Make sure to wear your sunscreen and take your towel and remember these other rules before hitting Clearwater Beach for Spring Break, or anytime for that matter:

1. Domestic animals. Dogs, will not be tolerated, Watts said. But taking Fido on a walk along the sandy area from about Somerset Street to north beach is allowed as long as it’s kept on a leash at all times and pick up after it defecates.

2. Skimboarding/dangerous games. Lifeguards, police officers and volunteers warn visitors of this prohibition, Watts said. There is an estimated 153 yard by 330 yard area extending from the mean high water line of Clearwater Public Beach westward into the Gulf of Mexico. The exact allowable area is defined in 22.33 part 6, section (a) of the city’s code of ordinances. Activities involving throwing projectiles including footballs, baseball, Frisbee, horseshoes, javelin and shuttlecocks are prohibited unless in an area designated for the activity like the volleyball courts.  

“Although skimboarding and thrown projectiles, categorized as dangerous games are ordinance violations," Watts said. "We adhere to the (3) E's, Evaluate, Educate, Enforce and rarely go beyond ‘educate’ when it comes to these violations."

3. Alcohol. Potential fines vary but open alcohol and possession of alcohol by a minor could subject the violator to arrest, Watts said. Make sure not to bring glass either. That is prohibited.

4. Sand dunes. . These hilly, grassy areas help stabilize the beach and it is against state law to wander through them. That goes for messing with the sea oats too.

5. Aircraft. A man strapped to an engine and parachute glides above Clearwater Beach on occasion. And while it looks pretty neat, it is a violation of city ordinance 22.47 (3); No person shall take off, land or otherwise operate any aircraft in or over any public beach or in any area described in section 33.114.

The device, sometimes called a powered parachute or paraplane, is basically a seat with an engine on the back and a cage built around it. All of which is attached to a parachute.

"This could be a hazard to beachgoers," officials posted on the Clearwater Police Facebook page.

To learn more about what is and is not allowed in the city check out Clearwater’s code of ordinances.

gloria santiago April 08, 2012 at 07:43 PM
I am very happy to hear that the beaches in clearwater florida has rules. This keeps the beaches clean and safe for all of us.


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