Parachute Plane Flight is a City Violation

A man with a powered parachute glided above Clearwater Beach Sunday which is a violation of a city ordinance.

A man strapped to an engine and parachute glided above Clearwater Beach Sunday.

And while it looked pretty neat, it is a violation of city ordinance 22.47 (3):

No person shall take off, land or otherwise operate any aircraft in or over any public beach or in any area described in section 33.114.

The device, sometimes called a powered parachute or paraplane, is basically a seat with an engine on the back and a cage built around it. All of which is attached to a parachute.

"This could be a hazard to beachgoers," officials posted on the Clearwater Police Facebook page Monday.

The ordinance also forbids acrobatic flight over park property and landing or taking off in parks, beaches or water unless human life is endangered.

Call 727-562-4242.


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