Why Has Our Modern Education System Become So Unworkable?

I'm on my soapbox about our modern education system.

Does it not make you wonder why our modern system of primary and secondary “free” education leaves so many children – well - uneducated? 

Children love to learn. They love to explore. They have vivid imaginations. Give a child the basics and they will create their own world and give back to this world. 

Come on educators. Get back to basics. It’s not hard. Throw away what is not working and use what works. Teach children at their own pace. Break it down for them and they will build it up.

Throw away the mind-numbing pills and the idiotic examinations. They are damaging our children, leaving them demoralized at best or criminals and zombies at worst. These tests make you wonder how anyone can "pass" them. The purpose of a test is to see what the child has learned and what he or she hasn’t. When you find out what they didn’t grasp, take them back to it and help them to get it.  Tests are not meant to teach the children how stupid they are.

Come on teachers – teach!

Come on parents – take your children back! Make the system work for you and your children. You’re paying for it in more ways than one.

And for all of you hardworking teachers who really do want children to learn - I feel for you. Analyze the system for yourself and see if it is producing results that make you proud.

For all of the children who learn in spite of everything and go on to become productive and contributing citizens - Well done!

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InsiderMyself July 18, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Because they take public tax dollars out of public school, and give it to private charter schools. You know this, Pat.
Pat Harney July 18, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Insider: I am beginning to crack the code of your moniker. I certainly believe teachers should be better paid but this in no way justifies the use of drugs to make children sit still (the money for that is enriching the already bloated pharmaceutical companies) instead of challenging children to be creative; the use of idiotic tests (that also enriches the companies that produce and administer these tests to the tune of hundreds of millions in taxpayer funds); or the lack of effective basics. If you are going to challenge me, InsiderMyself, try to think OutsideofYourself. LOL.
Michael D. July 18, 2012 at 08:41 PM
Your agrument loses wait because in your reply you are making it sound like all children are on drugs. The state of education today has nothing to do with the small percentage of students on drugs. It has to do with the lower expectations of our students. We lower expectations because instead of challenging them we need to push them through. Make them someone else's problem. I think the standardized testing doesn't make sense, but there does have to be some checks and balances. But there is a lack of accountability on the teaching side as well. There are some extremely good teachers, but there are some that are just getting a paycheck as well. Teachers that are just teaching for a government sponsored test to grade the school and not the student. Also parent interaction is a huge part of the equation. If a parent isn't invested, why would a child be? The system is broken, but it is broken because as a society we have become lapse to it. Govenor Bush give voters an easy fix and like sheep they took it.
Pat Harney July 18, 2012 at 10:12 PM
Michael D., I guess I failed to make my point. I certainly agree with everything you write above. Yes - I do find the use of drugs on children despicable. But you are also right that drugs are certainly not the only problem. When I write of getting back to things that worked, I am speaking of going back to educational basics. The simple fact is that education should focus on making sure the child understands and can apply the basics of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. If children can read and understand what they are reading, if they can compose their communication, verbally and in writing so that they are understood, and if they can compute mathematically, they will have an unshakeable foundation for their education. Children have their own innate purposes and will seek to live these out. The system of education as used in America today is dampening these purposes and thus public educational institutions are turning out confused or apathetic citizens. And yes parents should definitely be part of the equation. I thank my father for being involved in mine.


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