What’s Clearwater Saying About the ‘Sitting Ban'?

The ban targets homeless people.

Earlier this week, we asked Tampa Bay area residents to chime in with their thoughts on . While the city of Clearwater has since moved forward with its plan, many Patch readers had mixed feelings about the notion.

Here’s what Clearwater Patch readers had to say:

The city should not allow panhandlers to litter the street when most of them already have an income such as medical etc. The is one fellow that hands out c/ds that even states on the c/d that is has poison in and one it. That is REAL good for our tourist population and our credibility as a city when we can't clean up our own streets.

This just goes against what made us a great nation. We used to fix problems with our citizenship and government. Now we just say,"Not our problem" and push things away.

A number of businesses around this nation have traded room/board/food and small amount of pay to have homeless families work and a place to rebuild. How we can't find people to do the same?

 What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

Bill Engstrom July 22, 2012 at 02:01 PM
I don't blame the city for wanting the homeless out but they need to reach out a helping hand and not push them away.Have they asked the Church of Scientology to assist them,after all isn't that what the church is suppose to do,show Gods Love by assisting the less fortunate.I live in a shelter and here we have churches come and serve the residents food and Gods Love with Bible Study and Church.Donations of food,money and clothing are given by them in Love.The Church of Scientology is rich financially as they ask their members to donate all their earnings to them so they can afford to open their purses and help the homeless and the city.We see Gods Love everyday here and really appreciate the members of the churches that give of their time to be here for us and ask nothing in return.Let the Mayor reach out to the Church there in the heart of the city to help the situation.
GaryFla July 22, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Wow! Michael wants "citizenship and government" to solve the problem, and Bill wants the Scientologists to solve his problem. Perhaps Michael will volunteer his citizenship and offer clean clothes, food and shelter until a homeless person can find an entry level position; Why isn't Bill engaged in a entry level position since he has clothes. food and shelter provided.
Bill Engstrom July 22, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Well Gary for one I am here due to financial reasons caused by my disability and cannot work.I worked all my life until 3 years ago and that was for the past 40 years.I volunteer here helping the residents apply for or recertify for food stamps and before that I volunteered at my church collecting food and clothing for them,so judge me without knowing me and don't judge others for the same reason.I didn't say for the Scientologists to solve the problem but to help solve it.What have you done to help besides judge people for they have to say,do you donate food or clothing,serve meals or wash clothes for them?


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