What's Clearwater Saying About Romney's Tax Returns?

Should Mitt Romney have to release more financial records?

Earlier this week, we asked Tampa Bay area residents to . While there have been calls for Romney to release more than just his 2010 and partial 2011 returns to the public, Patch readers had mixed feelings.

Here’s what some Clearwater Patch readers had to say:

Though I do agree unless he has committed Tax Fraud he doesn't need to disclose more. Which isn't what they are charging him with.

He is applying for the most public office in this country, the agrument of personal business is invalid.

Romney is a cultist who worships money and sees taxes as a "game" that rich people should evade. Amazing that anyone who works for a living would support a draft-dodging money manipulator who delights in looting corporations and bakrupting them. The hate for Obama is fueled by fear that non-whites are gaining power. Racism? You bet!

 What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.


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