Top Nutritional Strategies to Look Great Naked: Create a Healthy Kitchen

The initial strategy to building a healthy body - it all begins in the kitchen.

Perhaps the most important training strategy begins in the kitchen.  

If sweets, treats and more are in your possession, you will eventually eat them.  You don't want to find yourself coming home from a long day, gazing into the fridge deciding between broccoli and chocolate cake.  The chocolate cake may win, and your stomach tends to pay the price later.  Begin by cleaning out your kitchen.  Go through cupboards, pantries, and the fridge, removing everything that you know shouldn't be there.  

This includes: 

  • candies and chocolates from office parties
  • soda
  • instant foods like cake mixes, mashed potato mixes, pancake mixes, etc
  • bowls of candy, whether for decoration or not
  • salted and flavored nuts and nut/cereal mixes (one handful at a time, these are very easy to overeat)

 Less obvious foods need to go as well: 

  • fruit on the bottom yogurts
  • sauces such as ketchup, and salad dressings (check out the labels on these, you may be shocked at how much sugar they contain)
  • spreads: cheese whiz, nutella, flavored cream cheeses and jams
  • dried bread products (croutons and baking products)
  • dried fruit and dried fruit snacks (roll ups are a classic example - fruit roll ups aren't fruit - an orange is fruit).

Remember these simple nutritional strategies when refilling. Try stores like Publix, and Surf & Turf Market.

While this may seem like a drastic move to make, you and your family will do well for it.  Cleaning out your kitchen is ultimately one of the most important strategies to eating well and looking great naked!

Ashleigh Gass is a certified strength and conditioning specialist at Brilliant Athlete.


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