Taco Tuesday: Frenchy’s Café

The Clearwater Beach landmark serves a mean fish taco.

After sampling my first fish taco for this feature , I decided to venture into deeper waters and go for gold when it comes to marine-based meals in the area – Frenchy’s Cafe on Clearwater Beach.

If you’ve lived in the Tampa Bay area for any length of time, or ever visited the beach, chances are you’ve eaten at Frenchy’s or one of its offspring, Saltwater Café or Rockaway Grill.

The iconic eateries are known for their fresh seafood, especially the Gulf grouper, which is brought in daily courtesy of Frenchy’s Seafood Company.

While much of the grouper goes towards making Frenchy’s famous sandwiches and gumbo, some of the tasty fish gets fried up for a prime spot in their original Baja tacos.

This is where Taco Tuesday comes in.

Twin corn tortilla shells house the chunks of flaky fried grouper, which are bathed in a tasty mixture of shredded cabbage, yogurt sauce and salsa.

The tacos have a bit of a kick to them; not enough to make your eyes water, but just enough to let you know you’re not eating run-of-the-mill fish rolls.

Served with a side of pico de gallo, these seafood snacks are a superb alternative to the usual bistek and pollo tacos we sample here.

The Baja tacos cost $5.50 for a pair and $7.50 for a trio, but on Tuesdays they run just a $1.50 each.

Frenchy’s also features a margarita for $2.95 Tuesdays, or enjoy the beer of the month for $2.50 any day of the week.

Match either beverage with a plate of Baja tacos, and you may never opt for a standard meat taco again.

Take a bite:

Frenchy’s Café

41 Baymont Street

Hours: From 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily

Call: (727) 446-3607


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