Reader Spotlight: New Year's Experience at Hogan's Beach Bar 'Really Dropped the Ball'

Clearwater Patch highlights interaction with our readers. Today, it's a reader comment about his New Year's experience at Hulk Hogan's beach bar in Tampa.

Thanks to Clearwater Patch reader Den who shared his New Year's eve experiences at Hulk Hogan's beach bar in Tampa in our comments section:

Went to Beach Bar Tampa for new years eve. GM really dropped the ball on the grand opening. Had bars staffed with normal lunch hour staffing. Nobody was really enjoying themselves as most everybody there was standing in the five deep crowd, at the bar. When one customer told me that he had been waiting for 30min, I got back in the boat and left. Revenues could have easily doubled, if customers were able to be served. Staff was overwhelmed and hating it. Fire the GM, Terry. He cost ya a TON of money, on new years. Any goof should know, you would be slammed on New Years.. The bad is that it cost me 100bux in fuel to get there. The good is, that is all the money I spent, as I couldn't spend money at the beach bar. (no service).

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ECB February 19, 2013 at 05:23 PM
Its too bad that Hogan has taken his popularity in Tampa for granted. If Hogan thinks his name is all thats need to run a successful restaurant/bar in the Tampa area he is in for a rude awakening!!! He needs to take a lesson from Jay Thomas and Jeff Brown of the The Brown Boxer. They know that customers service and QUALITY is what makes a restaurant/bar successful! Hogans place will be lucky to survive the year (2013). Time for a management and staff change Terry!!!! Food absoluterly sucks, service is even worse and the parking is BS! ECB - Palm Harbor, FL 2/19/2013


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