Letter to the Editor: Clearwater Airpark Runway Expansion

Bob Gibson, a Clearwater resident who owns a plane and lives near the airpark, shared his thoughts about the runway expansion.

As a resident of Clearwater...

I don't own a boat and never use the marina - but I understand that facility serves a number of Clearwater residents with that interest.

My home is in the Coachman Ridge Subdivision, which is walking distance to Bright House Networks Field. I have never attended a baseball game there - and often have to endure the noise from the explosions of the fireworks after the game - but I accept that the field and its supporters were there long before I moved into the neighborhood.

I don't visit many of Clearwater's parks (although I do ride my bike on the Ream Wilson Trail) - but I know many Clearwater residents use and enjoy the parks.

I don't golf, but I don't opbject to a golf course for those who participate in that sport. And the golf course "open space" is a safety buffer for the airpark.

You may not use the airport personally, but:

  • It is used by many Clearwater residents for recreation and business, which contributes to our city's economic well-being.
  • It "pays its own way" without local taxpayer subsidies.
  • It has provided flight training for professional pilots and astronauts
  • It provides considearble relief to St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport and Albert Whitted
  • All of these facilities - including the airpark - add to the richness and diversity that makes Clearwater the desirable community that it is.
InsiderMyself February 05, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Where's the resuaruant like all of the other county airparks? Everything mentioned here can be used by everyone. Not the airpark. Clearwater needs to spend the money to put a few ammenities there, for the public to enjoy it as well. They will then become much more tolerant. It's an interesting place, and it would be great to have a small restaurant with arcade room next door for the kids. All while watching the planes coming in and going out. More for people of the communtiy, creates more support for the airpark.


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