How to Protect Florida's Beautiful Natural Resources

A number of local groups offer a way to get environmentally involved and help preserve the Sunshine State.

Ah, Florida. It is my home state, a beautiful and diverse place with ecosystems ranging from uplands and freshwater wetlands to coastal and aquatic ecosystems. It is a fragile place full of endangered species. And it is currently wavering and in need of your environmental support.

As I have mentioned numerous times before, Florida is a magical place. The subtropic climate breeds biodiversity, and although we relish tourism, a great many awe-inspiring nature retreats await us just outside of the bright lights.

With this in mind, my final column is dedicated to this great and beautiful state. I would like to welcome every single one of you to make it your personal duty to care for it, to have and to hold it with the utmost respect. If you enjoy watching the wading birds and swimming dolphins, please consider the ways you can help protect this beautiful place.

Many local nonprofit agencies are working to protect and save Florida. Follow the links below to discover the various ways you can give back. After all, we are ultimately responsible for the overwhelming urban sprawl and how it has contributed to Florida’s conservation issues. We must start somewhere to begin to make the change.

I encourage you to find an organization that advocates for something that you feel passionately about. Whether it be manatees, birds or panthers, please forward this information to your friends and family, and then get thoroughly involved! 

Save the Birds

Protect the Endangered Species

Protect Florida’s Land

Protect Florida’s Rivers and Oceans

Protect Florida from Near or Offshore Drilling

Thank you all for your support and dedication to living more sustainable lives. I promise to keep advocating for environmental change and educating our youth on how to live more simply and in the best interest of our fragile earth.

I leave you with this quote from one of the greatest Florida environmentalists,Marjorie Harris Carr: "I am an optimist," she says. "I also believe that Floridians care about their environment. If they are educated about its perils, if they are never lied to, they will become stewards of the wild places that are left."

Be well!


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