Five Things We Learned This Week

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut is crowned the wing king, police still are seeking leads to find two men who assaulted a referee during a soccer game, former Buc Donnie Abraham is named Clearwater High's coach in waiting and more recap some of the most po


1. Joey Chestnut ate 144 wings in 10 minutes Thursday night at the original Hooters, besting 10 others, including Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas.

2. Clearwater Police during at Joe DiMaggio Fields. Timothy Kerr, 31, and Dale Lewis, 33, are being sought by police after they allegedly assaulted a referee over a call during a club soccer game

3. Former  . Abraham will take over for head coach Tom Bostic, who will end his 30-year coaching career after this season.

4. Officials it would be considered advertising and run afoul of the city’s stringent sign code. The plan to enhance the courtyard with art and a fence would also keep the homeless from sleeping in front of the building when it is closed. A similar style fence would be added around the west terrace as well.

5. , was in town filming a documentary about Winter the dolphin for the recently.


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