A Political Storm

Political storms are often named after women, including Sandy, Sarah and Hillary.

Forecasters believe that Sandy will wreak havoc during the upcoming presidential election. She could close down polling stations, create massive power outages, keeping thousands from voting, and causing a myriad of problems tallying the votes that are cast. In effect, she could have a massive negative impact on the election. Wow, two elections back to back, the last storm of this magnitude was named Sarah and she had the same effect. I predict the political storm of the 2016 election will be named Hillary.

It is no secret I am no fan of Sarah Palin, and it pains me to defend her. The shuck and jive comment is another example of people wanting to be offended. From what I can find, this comment did have negative connotations in the 1870s. However, in the 1970s it became part of pop culture and was widely used. Saying she meant it as a racial remark is like saying groovy or cool are racial slurs. I don’t remember anyone coming out against the Bee Gee’s for the song Jive Talkin.

I am so glad that I will only have to write one more of these columns. Next week we will know who our next president is, and we should be able to go on with the business of going on with our business. I will go back to writing funny little columns about life. Many will be just beginning the newest cycle of abuse perpetrated against whoever becomes the leader of the free world. Whoever wins will be vilified and talked about for the entire time he is charged with running our country. I have said it before and will repeat it now.

Once the election is over, and the people or the electorate have spoken, the
time for partisan politics is over, and the country must stand behind whoever
has won. I implore the nation to get behind the winning candidate and to make
the next four years something that will make our children proud of us. Let 2012
be a turning point in our history that makes the next two hundred years our
best yet.

I watched the last debate, certain that I would be as displeased as I was with the other two, but was pleasantly surprised. Both Romney and Obama were subdued and seemed genuinely concerned about our future. Both lay out road maps, which in theory, will take us in the right direction. I know from years of watching the world and its unpredictable players that the route will continue to change as we travel along, but at least they both have a plan.

There was a marked improvement in the amount of respect shown by the candidates to each other and to the moderator. Obama bombarded Romney with dozens of questions and made many statements that were left unanswered. Romney alluded to bad times, but there were several instances where he admitted to be talking about the prior administration. He also qualified several statements with, not you Mr. President, which some may see as a sign of weakness instead of an indication of the strong character he possesses. In short Romney did not go for the throat, which is what is expected during this stage of the election.

A few quotes.

“Nation building at home.” Obama. I would rather have a hot poker rammed into several sensitive areas of my body than to hear this statement again.

“I successfully ran small businesses and saved the Olympics.” Romney. I wish that
when Romney stepped into a phone booth, to become superman before saving the
Olympics, a garbage truck had run over the phone booth. I hope I never hear
about the Olympics again.

“A military response is unacceptable.”  

Romney. The only problem with this is, this statement only had merit during the election cycle and remember war is profitable to profiteers. 

“Wrong and reckless.” Obama. If I hear this one more time, I’m gonna lose the expensive cheeseburger I just finished and Lord knows I cannot afford to lose food.

Romney spoke of escalating problems in the Middle East and Iran being four years closer to nuclear weapons and the fact that Israel and Palestine are no closer to peace than they were four years ago. No, say it isn’t so.

The Middle East has always been a problem and four years from now, regardless of whom wins, it will still be a problem, Iran will be four more years closer to nuclear weapons and Israel and Palestine will still be throwing rocks at each other.

“China wants the world to be free and open.” Romney. Obama and Romney seem to both be surprised that China is cheating. Am I the only one who remembers Vietnam, Korea and Tiananmen Square?

The next four years will be tough regardless of the winner. If you walk what you talk, pray for whoever wins.



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