A Name Is a Great Place to Start!

Teaching your dog its name is often taken for granted. Getting your dog to respond to its name each and every time is amazingly simple. Here's how it works...

  Where's a better place to start than learning how to properly teach your dog its name?  From the first moment you are building a relationship with a new dog or puppy, imprinting their name and how you go about doing so is very important.  Unfortunatley many don't exactly understand what a name means to a dog, making the teaching of it somewhat awkward and ultimately confusing to the pup.

  I will over simplify for now as I go into more detail on my personal blog which I will provide the link to later.  To a dog, a name is merely a sound made by the human which has an associated response to it.  Ideally, we want the dog to look at us or at least give a moment of attention in response to hearing it.  The way we accomplish this is simple.  Say the dog's name, when they look at you, give them a treat.  That's it.   No, seriously, that's it. 

  Consistency is key.  In the beginning, you must strive to always do things the exact same way.  You say the dog's name, they look at you, then you reward.  EVERY TIME!  The more you say the dog's name, and fail to immediately provide a reward, the less your dog will look at you when you call them.  It's about building trust.  If you want to be able to trust that your dog will do what you ask, then the dog must first trust that you will be providing something positive when they do.  It isn't much different then how we as people operate at work and in our social circles.  When you look at it that way, hopefully it makes some sense.

I always say dog training's challenge, is that it is so simple.  Humans like complicated things, dog's don't. 

  For more information and a little deeper explanation on the concept of teaching a dog its name, as well as some of the "DO NOTS" to remember, visit my Bark Blog.

I want to say that I'm thrilled to be part of the Patch community and hope that I can contribute as much information as possible.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or topic you would like to see discussed.  Hopefully everybody on Patch will be Speaking Dog NOW!



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