Top Headlines: Pier 60 Park Playground, Red Light Camera Tickets

OK, so you had a busy week. We understand. Let us catch you up on all the highlights from Clearwater Patch!

1. $408 Red Light Camera Ticket: Is That Fair?

Drivers who want to appeal a ticket might have to pay up to $250 in additional fees if Gov. Rick Scott signs a new bill into law. Do you think that’s right?

2. Pier 60 Park Playground: Are You in Favor?

A more than $300,000 sandcastle playground structure is planned as part of renovations to Pier 60 Park.

3. Deputies: Teen Admits to Involvement in More Than 50 Car Burglaries

Deputies say that when they arrested Kyle Allen Terry, 19, of Palm Harbor, he admitted to breaking in to 50-60 cars, mostly in Clearwater, and stealing money and jewelry from them.

4. Capitol Theatre's Vintage Seats on eBay Auction Block

A pair of plush velvet seats from the old Capitol Theatre are being sold by an antiques dealer out of New Mexico.

5. Update: 3 Teens Arrested in Sushi Restaurant Robbery

Deputies say two Clearwater teenagers were involved in Monday night's armed robbery at an Oldsmar sushi restaurant.

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