Oba Chandler Appeal Denied

A Clearwater judge denied an appeal that could have spared the life of convicted murdered Oba Chandler.

Oba Chandler's appeal for a stay of execution and a new penalty phase of a trial was denied by Judge Philip J. Federico Monday (Oct. 24).

Chandler, 65, is scheduled to die by lethal injection Nov. 15.

Gov. Rick Scott signed Chandlers death warrant Oct. 10, 2011. A couple days later Chandler's attorney Baya Harrison challenged the ruling.

Chandler was not looking for a new trial, but a new penalty phase as to avoid the death penalty, according to court documents.

Chandler was convicted Sept. 29, 1994 of killing Ohio mother Joan Rogers, 36, and her daughters, Michelle, 17 and Christe, 14.

He met the mother and her daughters at the Courtney Campbell Causeway and offered them a boat ride to watch the sunset in 1989. However, once aboard he bound them with duct tape, stripped them and tied their hands, feet and necks to concrete blocks, according to court documents.

He then threw their weighted bodies into Tampa Bay. The women were found after floating to the surface.

The crime kicked off a more than three-year investigation and was one of the first to use billboards seeking help finding a suspect.

Sally Oroe October 28, 2011 at 03:49 AM
He deserves nothing for the horror he put a mother and her two daughters thru. I just cringe that they had to know what was happening and what he did was nothing but cruel. Dear God he weighted them down with a cement block tied around their neck and bound their hands and feet and threw them in the water to die. The horror that family experienced still brings tears to my eyes. Now he wants mercy? Where was the mercy for the mother and her two daughters? He is a monster of the worse kind.


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