No More Red Light Cameras? Here's What Clearwater's Saying

As the Florida House of Representatives considers outlawing red light cameras around the state, here's what some Patch readers had to say on the subject.

Since we told you last week about a bill under consideration by the Florida House of Representatives that would strike down the use of red light cameras, Patch readers have had plenty to say on the topic.

Our story, Red Light Cameras: Should They Stay or Go?, received more than 120 comments as of Tuesday night. Here's what some Clearwater Patch readers had to say:

Michael D.: "... Quite a few national organizations have already shown through Objective data that accidents actually increase on average about 28% due to Red Light Cameras. So it's making the state money, and making insurance companies money. Notice that since red light cameras have gone up the average car insurance rates have been going up, have to pay more claims."

John Cattel: "Cops should be concerned with catching crooks and not harrasing honest taxpayers in a ploy to enhance the local treasury. In every instance, everyone must give their permission to be recorded and since permission is not saught by the operators of these cameras they could very well be in violation of any number of really good laws." 

Larry Andersen: "Nothing I dislike more is a zombie, or a cell user, or a crazy driving through a red light but, losing my liberty and allowing Big Brother to creep in I cannot agree with any form of. Therefore remove all cameras. Now"

InsiderMyself: "They are revenue boosters. They are NOT for safety. They must be removed. Also, there is mounting evidence that yellow lights are shortened to ensure you get a ticket, or send someone through the windshield, or get hit in the back, when you try to stop so fast because the yellow lights are shortened. Cats already out of the bag on this one. UNCONSTITUTIONAL PERIOD!"

Do you agree? Should red light cameras be banned in Florida? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below to continue the conversation.

Joe February 26, 2013 at 01:51 PM
I like the way Russia has it's light system set up. Just before the green light changes to orange it blinks for about 5 seconds, then changes to orange and after several seconds it changes to red. That stops quite a few runners on the orange light. If they still run a red, they can't use the excuse they didn't have enough time. More than cameras.....I would like this change incorporated. Then there wouldn't be so many red light runners due to short orange signals.
Adam York February 26, 2013 at 06:15 PM
Sandra Chotechuang February 26, 2013 at 07:25 PM
Yes, red light camera should go. It's highway robbery esp. for senior citizens whose eye hand coordination is slow. No way we can go through six lane intersections within 3-4 seconds of yellow light before it turns into red. So when we are trying to stop when we see the yellow light we are taking a chance of getting hit in the rear end or we can not stop quick enough so we decide to go through the intersection and get caught half way in to the street. Driving around Pinellas County is not fun anymore. It's a very high stress activity and it's a big fearmonger from the government. It makes us feel like we are living in Russia with a big brother always keeping an eye on us. No false move or we will get you. Enough is enough. You have got $158 from our family already when this money could go into buying medicine or gasoline or food. It's time to stop! Now!
Janet February 26, 2013 at 09:28 PM
Oh, I have things to say about the red light camera. Any fool that thinks it's a waste of money and invades ones privacy, I only pray that you or your loved one does not become a statistic. I believe the everyone who have the complaints are the very ones who run the lights. Absolute fools!
Sandra Chotechuang February 27, 2013 at 02:14 PM
I would agree Janet if they are intentionally running through the red light they are absolute fools. But if they are slow to react due to age and can't go fast enough to go through the 3-4 seconds of yellow light then it's a mistake of being old and there are lots of us living here. To generalize everyone into a fool group is very insensitive and shortsighted. I agree with Joe about giving drivers more time for the change of light and it's not too much to ask.


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