Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Clearwater Patch offers five things that will bring a smile to any man’s face this Father’s Day.

While Mother’s Day might get more fanfare, everyone knows fathers are nearly as important as their counterparts in the grand scheme of things. 

Although dads don’t necessarily want to be wined and dined or showered with flowers, they still enjoy a good, thoughtful gift or two in addition to not having to mow the lawn for a day. 

With that in mind, Clearwater Patch came up with five terrific Father’s Day gift ideas to give to that special dad in your life. 

1. Threshers tickets.  A trip to a Threshers game is a great way to please the baseball-loving dad. The prices are cheap, the ballpark is fun, and the team is playing well this season. Add the always awesome Frenchy’s Tiki deck and a picturesque Florida day (or evening), and Dad is sure to go home happy, regardless of the outcome. (Note: The team is off Sunday, but it begins a six-game homestand on Monday.) 

2. Bicycles. Biking is an immensely popular activity in Clearwater, so why not get Dad that sweet new ride he’s been wanting, or pay for a tune-up for his aging cycle? and are just a couple of the big bike shops in the area, and after Dad is set to cycle, the family can join him on a relaxing ride along the Pinellas Trail. 

3. Golf. Clearwater has a number of golf supply shops in town to get your duffer dad squared away when it comes to clubs, lessons or a new wardrobe. , Dick's Sporting Goods and all offer a wide selection of golf-related items, can teach Dad how to improve his game, and then Dad can take his new gear to to show off. 

4. Movies. Has Dad been dying to see the latest summer blockbuster? Does the family want to take in The Avengers again? If so, a trip to the new at the could make for the ideal Father’s Day gift. The screens all offer state-of-the-art digital projection, there’s cool D-Box motion seating, and they even offer an Angus burger and funnel cakes at the concession stand. What more could a dad want? 

5. Steak, wings and beer. There aren’t many men around who don’t enjoy at least one of these items; many are enamored with all three. Luckily, there are plenty of places in the area to take Dad where he can enjoy his favorite items. Hooters now has two Clearwater locations, plus there are , and  to satisfy wing cravings. Good steak joints include ,  and Outback; and the is a terrific place to find wide variety of flavors for that discerning, beer-loving dad.


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