Clearwater Income: How Does Your Neighborhood Compare?

Mapping the median household income for neighborhoods in Clearwater, around the county and beyond.

Curious how much your neighbors make? Wonder which parts of town are the wealthiest and poorest?

The website Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks might be for you. Using Census data from the 2007-2011 American Community Survey, it's tracked the median household income for neighborhoods and cities all over the United States. The data is represented in a color-coded map, with green shades representing higher incomes and red tones showing lower incomes. Different sections of town are divided up according to Census tracts.

A look at the map for Clearwater shows its lowest income level can be found around where Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Palmetto Street intersect, an area that includes the North Greenwood neighborhood. The median household income in this part of town is $18,699 a year — well below the statewide middle class income range of $42,300 to $51,300.

By contrast, head just a little bit southwest to Sand Key, and the median household income jumps up to more than $74,000 a year. 

Check out the Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks site to see more details about Clearwater and other neighboring towns, or to do your own search for any city or state you choose.

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