The Mom Who Votes and the Daughter Who Doesn’t

While the owner of Clearwater's Two Buks Saloon makes sure to vote, the daughter who tends bar does not.

It is widely known not to mix politics and alcohol.

However, being a bartender is not the reason why Taryn Harrison doesn’t vote.

Harrison, 30, has worked on and off at Two Buks Saloon for the last 10 years. She just does not know enough about the election process to feel comfortable registering. And since she doesn’t vote, she doesn’t complain, she said.

“I deal with it as it comes along,” said Harrison, a Palm Harbor resident.

However, her ambivalence does stir the political pot with mom, Deb Sherbuk, who owns the bar and attached liquor store where Harrison works.

“(Deb) hates the fact that I’m not a registered voter,” Harrison said.

Deb proudly wore her “I Voted” sticker after spending more than two hours waiting in line at her precinct at On Top of the World on Tuesday morning. She even opened the liquor store about 30 minutes late because she was waiting in the line from 9-11:30 a.m.

“It should probably say “I Survived Voting,’” Sherbuk said.


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