Renowned Photographer Conducts Model Shoot in Safety Harbor

L.A. based Devin Dygert came to the Model Placement Center on Saturday to help local talent look like world class models.

This past Saturday, while a British car show occupied hundreds of people on Main Street, nearly two dozen clients of the Model Placement Center got to experience a taste of the Los Angeles fashion scene.

Devin Dygert, a world-renowned photographer, songwriter and graphic designer, came to Safety Harbor for two reasons: as a favor to MPC manager Dianne Paulson, and to help the young talent get discovered.

"I've known Dianne for a long time, she's so fun, and I enjoy coming here and doing this for her," Dygert, who has photographed models, actors and athletes all over the world, said.

"Fashion is so extreme and...I do it every day of my life, so I like to do something different every once in a while," he admitted. "This is a nice change for me."

For Paulson and the rest of the MPC staff and clients, having Dygert on hand is like a dream come true.

Not only do the models get some incredible, professional photographs for their portfolios, but they get to experience what a high end fashion shoot is really like.

"This is so cool," MPC model Rachael Kalin said. "Devin is so awesome, so imaginative. It's like being in L.A."

Paulson, a former model and makeup artist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business herself, was equally thrilled to have her talented friend on hand to assist with her models and show them what the industry is really like.

"Once or twice a year Devin likes to come here, and it's like a box office draw for our models," she admitted. "He's shot so many famous people, but he likes our models."

"For them, this is their "wow" shot for their portfolios. This is like something you'd see on America's Next Top Model."

For more information on Model Placement Center, you can visit their website.

Traci and Samantha gentsch November 03, 2012 at 12:19 AM
What a great day we had. :)
Jeffrey Rosenfield November 03, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Yes it was fun AND exhausting!


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