'Occupy Camelot' Promotion Welcomes Protesters

Owners of the Camelot Resort on Clearwater Beach are hoping to cash in on Occupy protesters coming in for the Republican National Convention.

Occupy protesters looking for some sand and sun after picketing the Republican National Convention in Tampa can find respite at Clearwater Beach.

Special “Occupy Camelot” room rates are being offered to protesters at the during the convention in August.

“It varies on how long they want to stay,” said Steven Rodriguez, who is in charge of marketing at the art deco style resort. “The longer they want to stay, the bigger the discount.”

Rodriguez, a registered Democrat, is looking forward to the protesters, many of whom camped for days if not months in parks around the country in an effort to raise awareness about social and economic inequities.

The condominium resort has many owners described as radical, carefree and fun, including some Republican and Democrats on the board who approved the special, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said the promotion started this week, and with six months remaining before the political event comes to the Tampa Bay area, already interest has been positive.

“I think we’ll sell out pretty quickly,” Rodriguez said.

The resort is gated and features rooms circled around the pool and a rooftop terrace.

The Occupy movement started with a massive protest on Wall Street and spurred similar events across the country, including one in Tampa.

“I’m with most people,” Rodriguez said. “I think the 1 percent needs to mosey up to the plate and pay their fair share.”


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