Man Disputes $50,000 Charge at Clearwater Strip Club

The 32-year-old patron has filed suit against Bliss Cabaret, claiming he only spent $625, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

A 32-year-old St. Petersburg man is disputing a $50,000 charge rung up on his credit card at a Clearwater strip club, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Lokesh Jones has filed a lawsuit against , a full-liquor topless bar at 3860 Ulmerton Rd., claiming that several charge slips contained forged signatures and were for thousands in bartender tips, the Times reports. Jones said he instead spent "$625 on bottles of Michelob Ultra and a few strippers in a private room."

Jones' attorney, David Sockol, told the newspaper:

"It's not like he was out there making it rain," Sockol said, with a nod at the strip-club ritual of sprinkling dollar bills. "It's one thing to be an idiot and show off to a couple of strippers. It's another thing entirely to go to a male bartender and say, 'Hey buddy, here's two grand.' "

Staff at the gentleman's club called the suit a case of "buyer's remorse," and bankers, Sockol said, have rejected pleas to cancel the charges, according to the Times.

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