iDatix Coming to Clearwater

While Achieva Credit Union is leaving its office at the city’s East Gateway entrance, iDatix, a technology company in unincorporated Clearwater, will move in.

The Achieva Credit Union building at the city’s East Gateway entrance won’t sit vacant for long - if at all.

The news of moving its in October did not come as a surprise to officials who worked to try and find another location within the city for the company.

The Dunedin call center will house 143 employees pulled from other offices scattered throughout the county. There were not that many jobs at the Clearwater building, said Geri Campos-Lopez the city’s director economic development.

She also worked to get another company into the four-story, 23,879 square foot building. With the help of Pinellas County Economic Development, technology company iDatix got financing to buy the building. Lopez said the company did not seek any city grants or loans.

“They wanted the room to grow,” Lopez said. “And we are very excited they are going to be in the East Gateway area.”

iDatix, a technology focused, business solutions company, currently operates from an office along Roosevelt Boulevard in unincorporated Clearwater. Plans are in place to move its headquarters to the Clearwater Point site around September.

The company bought the building for $2.8 million April 20, according to property records. The building has a just market value of $1.4 million.

The iconic location at the city's five points intersection near Highland and Gulf to Bay Boulevard is the perfect place for expansion said Steve Allen, iDatix president.

The company just took on about 20 new employees and is looking to expand, hiring another 15 to 20 employees each year for the next three years, Allen said. The high paying jobs require a degree of technical education and experience.

"We need to build our economic base for technology and software based jobs so we can attract and retain the talent in this area," Allen said in an email.

iDatix is a Clearwater-based document management company that created a system called iSynergy to simplify office tasks about 12 years ago. The recession has helped spur more growth for the company as businesses look to find ways to cut staff but still get the same amount of work done.

"We see this as a great step to reaching our goal to be a leading and trend setting company for the area," Allen said in an email. "We hope to help grow Clearwater as a great technical employment region adding to what is already established by some of the other software companies."

Clearwater also had an advantage other cities could not compete with to lure in the expanding company.

Allen lives in Harbor Oaks.


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