Viewfinder: Art Exhibition "Taking Shape 2011" Showcases Middle School Artists

Pinellas County schools art exhibition "Taking Shape 2011" showcases artwork by middle school students. The exhibition, held at the Main Library, runs until April 11.

Pinellas County student's art exhibit "Taking Shape 2011" highlights work created by private and public middle school students.

Entry requirements called for 2-dimensional, original artwork, mounted on poster board and matted to 16-inches by 20-inches. Judges selected winners based on artisitc merit, including originality, skill, technique, personal artistic vision, and style.

The theme "Taking Shape" birthed a variety of artwork. Pieces focused on people, animals, surrealism, geometric shapes, self portraits, still life and more.

Students chose a variety of mediums, including pencil, colored pencil, paint, and mixed media among others.

Some of the student artwork included:

  • "Frank," by Janney Karioki, 8th grade, Dunedin Middle School
  • "Junk DrawerStuff," by Althea Asistin, 7th grade, John Hopkins Middle
  • "Finger Tree," by Jacob Short, 8th grade, Madeira Beach Fundamental
  • "La Doodles," by Blair Serrano, 8th grade, Dunedin Middle School
  • "The Dark Side," by Devon Graves, 8th grade, John Hopkins Middle School
  • "From a Bird's Eye View," by Sarah Amnoun, 7th grade, Tyrone Middle School
  • "Shrunk in Memory Lane," by Thomas Nguyen, 7th grade, Safety Harbor Middle School
  • "The Sand of Time," by Marian Frances, 8th grade, Palm Harbor Middle School
  • "Arts Under The Sun," by Almog Nahum, 7th grade, Clearwater Fundamental School
  • "Tree of Time", by Amanda Matthews, 8th grade, Thurgood Marshall Fundamental School
  • "My Best Friend", by Emily Hotstat, 8th grade, Fitzerald Middle School
  • "It Just Sat There", by Connie Laskett, 7th grade, Lealman Intermediate School

Displayed at 's Youth Services section, the student art exhibition runs until April 11.


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