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Tropical Storm Isaac Could Impact Clearwater’s Dolphins

The six foot tall dolphins might have to be moved if high winds from Tropical Storm Isaac head close to Clearwater.

Clearwater's Dolphins might have to make way for Tropical Storm Isaac.

The 50, six-foot tall, themed dolphins might have to be moved if high winds from the storm system head close to Clearwater.

The “dolphins will have to be moved if winds are high,” said Joelle Castelli, city spokeswoman.

However, officials are not not expecting it to be as much of an issue. They anticipate a lot of rain and flooding.

The “Clearwater’s Dolphins: Pod at Pier 60” public art show runs through Sept. 4 at Pier 60 Park.

The brightly colored dolphins line the walkway around the park which abuts the Clearwater Roundabout.

The art should get additional eyes as it will be on display during the Republican National Convention. The convention is expected to bring about 50,000 visitors to the Tampa Bay area. Some of the  and resorts during the convention, which is Aug. 27-30.

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