Viewfinder: Sculpture 360 Peppers Downtown Clearwater

Sculpture 360: Season III is an annual exhibition of public art. The sculptures are located in the 400 - 600 blocks of Cleveland Street.

Driving along downtown Clearwater’s Cleveland Street, you may have seen the unusual structures. A towering, red sculpture; a twisted, aluminum sculpture; and a blue, oval sculpture sprout from the medians. All of the pieces are part of the city's public art initiative.

Sculpture 360, an annual exhibition, showcases three pieces of art, chosen from worldwide entries. They are chosen from a seven-member panel of professional artists, arts administrators, downtown Clearwater business owners, the Downtown Development Board representatives and city staff.

Sculpture 360: Season III includes the work of Clayton Swatz, a Pinellas Park, metal sculptor; and Chicago artists Nicole Beck and Ted Sitting Crow Garner. All artists are experienced sculptors, with their work often chosen for public art.

“Uppercutted” by Garner is almost 13-foot-tall. The piece is painted and welded. Garner incorporates his Native American roots with modern materials and techniques. He often uses abstract bird imagery, which symbolizes both the pursuit and achievement of spiritual enlightenment. The artist describes “Uppercutted” as “an evocation of recovery from surprise - the aftermath of being socked in the jaw."

"Constellation" by Swatz is an 18-foot-tall aluminum sculpture. The local artist uses a combination of techniques including welding, plasma cutting and grinding. After creating his aluminum sculptures, he works on the coloring process. He tops his work with a translucent, automotive finish.

"Astroterra" by Beck is an 8-foot-tall steel sculpture of mosaic and enamel. Her art incorporates many materials including steel, bronze, wood and glass. She combines patterns found in nature and sciences.


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