What Clearwater's Saying: Future of Crest Lake Park

After city leaders said future plans for Crest Lake Park will be presented in March, some Clearwater Patch readers shared their thoughts about the park's past, present and the closed bathrooms.

Plans for the future of Crest Lake Park are expected to be unveiled during a city council meeting in March.

Park supporters recently asked city leaders to reopen the bathrooms and were told plans for the public space’s future will be shared then.

Some Clearwater Patch readers shared their thoughts about the park's past, present and the closed bathrooms:

steve brown: "I swam in Crest Lake as a child. Dove in off the wooden dock. City improvements in the landscape should be a magnet for everyone to enjoy the park in daytime. Open the restrooms with an automatic switch to turn off the lights when not in use."

Michelle: "I've lived in the neighborhood for 16 years and run the park nearly everyday and the homeless situation has not changed one bit since the close of the bathrooms. The homeless walk to the services that are available for food and then go back to the park to enjoy it like everyone else. You have a child's playground right next to the bathrooms and it is a huge inconvenience for the children to not be able to use those bathrooms if anything you will keep the citizens that we want to use the park away. I've also seen homeless use the bushes for bathrooms so the idea of welding the doors shut for the purpose of encouraging the homeless to use social services is not the solution and only discourages citizens and neighbors from using the park."

Cindy Wilson: "This bathroom closure was all about the city's war on homeless and the Repulican National Convention. They didn't want homeless folks around and what better way to get rid of them, so they thought. From a soup kitchen volunteer."

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Amanda Johnson February 27, 2013 at 04:27 PM
The last time i brought my little boy to the park two homeless people were having sex on the ground right in the middle of the park. I called the police and left, haven't been back since. Now i drive to Dunedin for my son to play at the park!


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