Clearwater Crews Conduct Sewer Smoke Tests

Clearwater Public Utility crews start smoke tests of wastewater sewer system lines to determine if there are any areas where stormwater or groundwater is entering the system Monday.

Clearwater Public Utility crews start smoke tests of sewer lines to see if storm or ground is entering the system Monday.

The test area includes the neighborhoods north of Palmetto Street, east of Highland Avenue, west of Keene Road and north to Flagler Avenue. The work continues through March 1.

Here is how the test works: White smoke is sent into the sewer lines and manholes to locate broken pipes and other defects. The smoke then exits the system from vent pipes on home roofs.

The smoke is non-toxic, leaves no residue and creates no fire hazard. The smoke will not enter a house unless there is defective plumbing or the drain traps are dry.

If potential problems are found on private property, residents will be notified of repairs the may need to make.

Call 727-562-4960 or Clearwater customer service at 727-562-4600.


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