Another Standstill for Stevenson Creek Cleanup Efforts

The latest contractor working on the Stevenson Creek Restoration project was fired about a year into efforts to clean up 27 acres of the estuary.

The bouys are nearly standing still. So are the floating barriers. The silt fences are up but no workers are moving the earth underneath the murky waters of Stevenson Creek.

Once again, efforts to clean the estuary have stopped.

Paul Howard Construction Company was fired from the Stevenson Creek Aquatic Restoration project for not meeting the terms of the contract in November 2012, said Amanda Ellison, Army Corps of Engineers spokeswoman.

She would not go into details about the dismissal because of possible litigation.

Crews from the construction company removed 12,493 cubic yards of material before they were dismissed, Ellison said. They were expected to remove 105,000.

This is not the first time a contractor failed to complete this project to restore about 27.92 acres of the wetland near the North Greenwood neighborhood.

SEEK Enterprises of Brandon was fired from the project in February 2011. The company wanted more money to complete the work after discovering the creek was more contaminated than first thought. 

SEEK was unable to complete the project without more money to pay for increased safety and environmental protections, causing the dredging to come to a halt. SEEK said they were originally uninformed of the water’s toxicity, making it difficult for them to then complete the project under the original terms.

Then, after a prolonged standstill, the Army Corps of Engineers awarded the contract to Paul Howard Construction Company in October 2011.

At some point the project that would improve the habitat for manatees, fish and other wildlife will be complete.

“We do not have an established timeline at present, but we continue to work with the Surety to ensure this project is completed,” Ellison said in an email.

Stevenson Creek Restoration Project: http://www.clearwater-fl.com/gov/depts/pwa/engin/projects/stevensoncreekestuaryrestoration.asp

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InsiderMyself January 12, 2013 at 03:57 PM
Enough!!! Breast cancer rates are very HIGH in this area!!!! Im ready to get the bullhorn out! Mayor Cretekos and Rep. Bill Young are a disgrace! They can't get our most pressing issues resolved. Or they just don't want to. Get on this issue now! Clean up this creek, or resign. This has gone on long enough. These two men were also responsible for passing the buck back and forth on the Azaela Neighborhood TOXIC PLUME! Many have cancer, homes worth one cent, so they squat until they save enough to move! The plume has shifted to Tampa Bay. We have aquifers underneath us and the water shifts....so if you leave it, you can't even find it to clean it up. But so much seems to come to rest in this creek after the currents. Enough already. These two guys worked together for over 30 years!! SO GET IT TOGETHER NOW BILL AND GEORGE!! N O W !


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